FENDI a breakthrough way to launch his first clothing line - "HISTOIRE D'EAU", while the production of the first 18 minutes of the movie , which is today's micro-film , the film shot by the JACQUES DE BASCHER tells a young woman on vacation in Rome , and her parents thought she was washing the SPA in BADEN BADEN. She dressed FENDI, bathed in the fountain in the city among the springs holding the glass collection . This micro film FENDI has complete restoration in 2013 , and again in July 2013 show at the opening of Avenue Montaigne, Paris boutiques.

2013 , a time when the brand was born 88 years , FENDI 's Logo has been re- designed and improved , adding the word "ROMA" , the symbol of Rome as the representative of treasures , the interpretation of the true soul of the brand .

EDOARDO FENDI and ADELE CASAGRANDE opened a leather goods and handbags stores engaged ,givenchy outlet ADELE learned in Florence leather production process , the use of all leather goods and handbags in the store design . This home is located in Rome's most lively street intersection VIA DEL PLEBISCITO behind the setting up of a fur shop, another workshop . FENDI couple's shop , with quality products and craftsmanship , by the door of the Roman aristocracy and social upstart respected and loved , the business stream, developed rapidly.

FENDI logo symbolizes the brand's yellow color born in 1933 , at the time of parchment made ​​from FENDI yellow shopping bag , is still a clear brand identity for the public . Rich texture combined with the brand cultural roots , to become a timeless classic elements.

ADELE and EDOARDO FENDI handbag launch a full range SELLERIA to draw gucci outlet inspiration from doctors package for master harness manufacturing technology . This handbag from the CUOIO ROMANO ( Roman leather ) made ​​of the best quality European leather tannery in Tuscany , the leather soft, delicate texture, each one different texture of leather itself , before sewing will first use tumbling treatment to improve softness of leather .

World War II , EDOARDO and ADELE five daughters PAOLA, ANNA, FRANCA, CARLA, and ALDA into the family business to work in post-war Italy, the female is still rare. Five sisters joined with innovative style and vision for the brand's series injected new vitality. KARL LAGERFELD later be defined as " a hand of five fingers ." Then, the " 5 become FENDI 's lucky number.

FENDI five sisters feel the need to inject new ideas for the brand in the proposed long-term friend and Duke FENDI brand consultant prada outlet FRANCO SAVORELLI DI LAURIANO , and five sisters then decided to hire a budding designer in Paris. KARL LAGERFELD joined FENDI and love at first sight . LAGERFELD began to play his talent , will be re-cut fur , stripes , dyeing, pleats , with superb technology to produce a lightweight fur coat , so that customers can easily wear on weekdays .

FENDI most well-known "double F" logo from the " Lafayette" Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Largerfeld) pen, often inadvertently appeared on FENDI clothing , accessories buttons and other details , and later even a patterned fabric. Defines the concept of "FUN FUR" , which became FENDI double F LOGO (DOUBLE F) source of inspiration , but also double F LOGO future as a world-renowned trademark.

KARL LAGERFELD defines the concept of "FUN FUR" , which became FENDI double F LOGO (DOUBLE F) source of inspiration , and double F LOGO also in the future as a world-renowned trademark.

FENDI success in the international arena . FENDI leather goods and fur get the attention of U.S. retailers , including MARVIN TRAUB chairman and president of Bloomingdale 's department store , he purchased the entire series FENDI and demonstrate products in the Pro FENDI entire Fifth Avenue windows . That same year , FENDI at Avenue opened a boutique.

ysl outlet five sisters with their shrewd business acumen and design talent in the fashion industry to get excellent results . FENDI expanded global operations , flying all over the world and personally recommend products to different customers in the store , the move is significant in the history of the brand .

Early in the last century 20's , the brand founder Mr. FENDI order to express the feelings of his wife , who will be a painted image of a small squirrel wood painting gave his wife , Ms. triggered FENDI printed on shopping bags in the brand image of the little squirrel inspiration. Since then, the brand has become a little squirrel in the early years of the first sign.